Brand Kit Template - Notion Brand Guidelines Template 📸

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Unleash Your Personal Brand's Potential for FREE with Notion's All-In-One Brand Kit Template

Branding made easy, fun, and yes, it's absolutely free.

Because I believe in your potential, and I’m sure you'll love me for this. 😜

Raise your hand if branding feels like deciphering hieroglyphs! 🖐️

Don't worry, I've crafted a secret weapon to transform you from a branding newbie to a branding ninja.

Drum roll, please... meet the spectacular Notion Brand Kit Template! 🥳

And it's all yours - FOR FREE! Am I serious?

As a chameleon in a bag of Skittles.

It's time to amp up your brand.

Grab your FREE Notion Brand Kit Template.

It's one click away…

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Step into The Notion Brand Kit rocketship and I won't just take you to the moon – I'll skyrocket you right into the top 1% of memorable personal brands in the galaxy.

Get ready to make your mark and have your brand not just seen, but remembered.

After all, the universe of content creation won't know what hit it! 🙌


1. Is the Notion Brand Kit Template really free?

Absolutely! I believe in unicorns, free pizza, and a strong personal brand. And while I can't send pizza to everyone, I CAN give you this amazing Brand Kit for free.

2. What if I'm a total newbie to Notion?

Worry not! The template has a step-by-step video that's easier to follow than a line of ants to a picnic.

3. How customizable is this template?

Thus template is like a chameleon - it'll adapt to whatever unique colors and styles you throw at it! Your brand is unique, and the template is designed to showcase that.

4. What if my brand grows or changes?

Embrace the growth! The template is like your brand's stretchy pants, always ready to grow and adapt with you. No matter how much you change, it's here for it.

5. Can my team also use this template?

Bring the team on board! The template loves company and is designed to facilitate collaboration. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, right?

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The only things you need for your Personal Branding are included! ⤵️

⚔️ Your Brand's Swiss Army Knife
Think of this template as your ultimate all-in-one brand tool. Logos, fonts, color palettes, guidelines. You name it, I got it. All neatly bundled together, as organized as a librarian's bookshelf. Say hello to less hassle and more pro-level order!
🤩 A Uniqueness Unleashing Machine
Tired of boxes and norms? With our template, you can customize like a kid unleashed in a candy store! Give your brand the unique sparkle it deserves and outshine the competition so brightly, they'll need to put on sunglasses!
👯‍♀️ A Sidekick for Your Journey
Your brand is destined to grow like Jack's famous beanstalk, and we're totally here for it. This template is like the best superhero sidekick, faithfully at your side, adapting and evolving as you take on the world.
📓 The Personal Branding Playbook
This comprehensive playbook is like your personal guide, helping you navigate the rough terrains of brand building. You'll transition from a "branding newbie" to a "branding maestro" faster than a cheetah chasing its lunch!
🙌 Your Time and Money Saver
Want more time for Netflix and less stress over bills? With this super intuitive interface, you can say goodbye to complicated tools, expensive designers, and hello to more moolah and chill time. Plus, it’s team-friendly, so you can all join in on the fun!


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Brand Kit Template - Notion Brand Guidelines Template 📸

184 ratings
I want this!